Direct Marketing Strategy for „Coradrive” Service, Promoted by Cora Company


Direct Marketing Strategy for „Coradrive” Service, Promoted by Cora Company


Stefan-Alexandru Catana, Victor Constantinescu

Classification JEL

M310, M370


In this article, we aim to develop a theoretical presentation about the concept of direct marketing strategy in all its forms, tools and techniques used for the development and implementation of direct marketing strategies for "Coradrive" service, service promoted by Cora company – an international chain of hypermarkets. Through this service, customers can purchase products online and then they go to the store just to pick up the ordered package, which is already prepared. Also, customers can set the time they can come and pick up the purchases and will not pay any extra charge, as products have the same price as in the physical store. In this article, we shall propose an original strategy for this service of the company. Also, through our contribution on direct marketing strategy for "Coradrive" service, the service website will generate more direct orders. In addition, in the end, we shall present the context of expressing the direct marketing strategy by analyzing the internal and external environment influence on the activity of the company.


direct marketing strategy, retail marketing, marketing communication.

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Please cite this article as: Stefan-Alexandru Catana,Victor Constantinescu (2015) Direct Marketing Strategy for „Coradrive” Service, Promoted by Cora Company. International Conference on Marketing and Business Development.