Effective Knowledge Sharing in Multi-Generation Organization


Effective Knowledge Sharing in Multi-Generation Organization


Katarzyna Derlukiewicz, Anna Tryfon-Bojarska, Tomasz Łopaciński

Classification JEL

J28, M54


The paper presents the results of literature reviews, a primary data analysis and case studies examining Polish firms from various sectors including agricultural, construction and banking regarding effective knowledge distribution within the organization. Current demographic changes influence the labor market which is diverse in terms of age. It results in the situation when up to five generations of employees are working for the same company. The aim of the research study was to identify the most effective knowledge distribution channel in multigenerational organizations and determine communication methods that best suit each of employees’ generations. The authors developed the matrix that presents preferable communication channels in relation to the cultural conditions in Poland. We have found the concentration of communication forms preferred by each of the generations and the importance of the selection of the appropriate methods that let integrate multigenerational teams of employees.


multigenerational organization, knowledge sharing, effectiveness, knowledge distribution tools, demographic structure of the organization, demographic change.

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Please cite this article as: Katarzyna Derlukiewicz,Anna Tryfon-Bojarska,Tomasz Łopaciński (2015) Effective Knowledge Sharing in Multi-Generation Organization. International Conference on Marketing and Business Development. http://www.mbd.ase.ro/?p=179