Interaction between Firms in New Product Development


Interaction between Firms in New Product Development


Marco Pierantonelli, Andrea Perna, Gian Luca Gregori

Classification JEL



This work-in-progress paper, through an exploratory case study, investigates how two industrial companies, operating in different sectors, start a business relationship. One company, named Antrox, operates in the lighting industry, whereas the other, Nel Design, primarily in the design industry. This case shows the antecedents and inhibitors to business relationships beginning. Reciprocal trust is the foundation and the driving force of the relationship. The outcome of combining two firm’s previous set of facilities, actors, relations and business units is unpredictable a priori; anyway, both companies saw potential benefits in combining them, as they are distinctive and non-overlapping. The article sheds light on the effects of the partnership on each firms’ set of resources and on the reciprocal adaptations faced by both companies.


New Product Development, Partnership, Resource Interaction.

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Please cite this article as: Marco Pierantonelli,Andrea Perna,Gian Luca Gregori (2015) Interaction between Firms in New Product Development. International Conference on Marketing and Business Development.