Selected Aspects of Polish Digital Purchasers’ Behaviour. Results of Research



Selected Aspects of Polish Digital Purchasers’ Behaviour. Results of Research


Tarczydło, Beata


Classification JEL



The progressing digitisation, technical and technological development, new functionalities of the Internet and hyper-medial environment shape stakeholders’, i.e. also customers’ behaviour. Entrepreneurs, while seeking to grow up to such conditions, feel obliged to undertake holistic marketing activities. At the heart of the process, there should stay digital (i.e. mobile) purchasers, equipped with the devices such as smart phone, tablet, etc. Now the questions arise: Who are these digital purchasers? What are their needs, preferences, tastes, likes, and habits? and What direction should the effective marketing activities take to target such purchasers? The article aims at outlining the results of the studies of digital purchasers’ behaviour, and identifying the directions of the marketing activities expected by them. The analysis evolves around the following assumption: in the age of digitisation and mobile technology, the performance of effective marketing activities is determined by knowledge of behaviour of the market game players (stakeholders), including the purchasers, and keeping up with their expectations and habits. Starting from the definition of a digital consumer, the methodology and results of the conducted research are discussed. As it turned out, the studied Polish purchasers (equipped with digital devices) adopt different habits; not only they communicate, but in practice they continuously remain on-line. The digital devices they have are used for communication with friends, for browsing for information, for dealing with personal matters, and for entertainment. The most important features of the digital purchaser include: courage, self-awareness and the awareness of own needs, and keen interest in innovation. The article proposes recommendations for entrepreneurs who are interested in conducting effective marketing activities targeted at digital purchasers. In the current market conditions, the attention should be primarily focussed on creation of relevant experiences, stirring emotions, involving the stakeholders, providing entertainment, facilitating life, by means of, among other, offering new services and free applications for mobile devices.


digital consumer, conditionalities of marketing activities, research of Polish digital purchasers’ behaviour

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