Consumer Perspective upon the Marketing of Online Surveys



Consumer Perspective upon the Marketing of Online Surveys


Boboc, Larisa,Moise, Daniel


Classification JEL



More and more organizations are conducting online surveys as often as they can, no matter if they are for profit, non-profit organizations, or even politicians use them in order to discover the behavior of their followers and not only. Companies are even and more preoccupied to deploy online surveys, no matter if the surveys are just online or mobile ones. The mobile electronics, like laptops, tablets, smart phones have by far pushed the boundaries, allowing the organizations to reach their potential and actual customers anywhere and anytime of the day or night, as long as they have an internet connection. The mobile apps have changed the lives of how we interact and we conduct our lives. Some of the main objectives of this research are focused on analyzing the basic concepts about online surveys, mobile marketing and applications, and chiefly aimed at mobile surveys assessing the impact of this tool in the levels of the user’s perspective and satisfaction. In this paper, we will conduct a research with a view to investigating how consumers perceive, interact and answer to online surveys and especially to mobile surveys. If the most online surveys are considered by many to be just spam emails, we want to find what triggers the impulse of answering mobile surveys and what kind of incentives those who answer want to receive.


online surveys, mobile apps, mobile surveys, consumer perspective

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