CSR disclosure in Large Bulgarian Companies



CSR disclosure in Large Bulgarian Companies


Desislava Serafimova


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Communicating and reporting information about socially responsible business practices is a relevant issue for contemporary organizations. They can use different means for non-financial information disclosure related to their corporate sustainability and responsible behavior. This paper presents results from surveying the practices in social accountability used by the one hundred largest Bulgarian companies ranked according to the size of their revenues. An analysis of their CSR disclosure is made using three sources of information. The first one is based on the published social reports of the companies; the second one is CSR information disclosed as part of their annual reports. The third source of information includes CSR practices announced on the company websites. The publicly presented non-financial information on companies’ socially responsible practices has been analyzed from several viewpoints – according to the way of structuring the information in the report/section of the company website; reference to the main groups of stakeholders; classification of the published socially responsible business practices and the degree of detailing of the presented information. In the paper first the theoretical assumptions in CSR information disclosure are explained. After that, the methodical issues concerning the process of searching and evaluating the social accountability practices of large Bulgarian companies are outlined. Last, the basic tendencies of CSR disclosure in large Bulgarian companies are made and some guidelines for improving them are given.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), CSR disclosure, Social accounting, Social reports, Non-financial information disclosure.

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