Measuring Sustainable Development. Challenges and Solutions



Measuring Sustainable Development. Challenges and Solutions




Classification JEL

M10, M14, Q50, Q56


In this paper, the authors present a framework for defining the term ‛Corporate Sustainability Performance’ (CSP) and a method for measuring it. In this framework, which is based on RobecoSAM’s methodology and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, CSP is a multidimensional construct that has three dimensions – economic, social and environmental. Each dimension comprises a number of factors (91 in total) that should be measured. These factors have various weights and some of them are industry-specific. Based on data collected from RobecoSAM (2015, 2016a), the authors created a database with the 59 industries represented in DJSI, and calculated the importance of each factor, according to its average weight for all industries combined (AV). Then, based on the set of factors that are specific to each industry, the authors calculated the weight of each of the three CSP dimensions for each industry. These weighting factors are used as parameters in the equation that the authors propose for the measurement of CSP.


Corporate Sustainability (CS), Corporate Sustainability Performance (CS), Dow Jones Sustainability Index DJSI).

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