Public Relations as an Exposure Tool for the Management


Public Relations as an Exposure Tool for the Management


Edmir Kuazaqui

Classification JEL



For better exposure on the market, companies can opt for different promotional mix tools: advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling, where each one has distinct characteristics, such as, costs, implementation peculiarities and the ability to bring about results. Companies have opted for the use of public relations in order to obtain greater credibility in their institutional and commercial arguments as well as distancing themselves from the competition through the simple commercial exposure brought on by advertising. In this reality, professionals have also used public relations instruments and tools in order to gain better exposure as well as personal and professional results. What we deal with in this article, with its base question, is how can a professional get better exposure through using public relations? In this sense, initially, we will develop the concept to clarify what this tool consistently is within the marketing context. Afterwards, we will present the instruments and discuss their applications in a contextualized manner with private companies and mainly with people. Through bibliographical and qualitative research with a non-probability sample of convenience, we detected the empirical use of public relation tools on the part of professionals without, however, the knowledge on their part of the structured concept of public relations.


Public Relations, Marketing Mix, Promotion.

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