Influence of Customer Relationship Management in Optometric Practice


Influence of Customer Relationship Management in Optometric Practice


Parescura, Polixenia Aurora


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Starting from the current market optometry services (highly qualified prescribers, specific technologies for eye exam, highly customized optical equipment) as well the trends of the whole society (the changing of consumer behavior, demographic growth and increasingly aging population, innovation in R&D of information technologies etc.), services providers of this area seek to adapt the communication channels and customer approach through specific marketing techniques. In order to achieve their medium and long term sales targets and to obtain profit, the B2C operators from the optical field need to generate neither instant customer satsfaction, or to develop and maintain long lasting relationships based on credibility, stability and added value. Optical sector is well-known for its wearer’s role of co-producer, whether we refer to prescription optometry, ophthalmology, either endorse the selection frame or sunglasses or choosing contact lenses, they composes a set of processes focused on execution of a highly customized optical equipment. In this context, adopting the strategy of wearers retention is based on digital platforms such as CRM (customer relantionship management) able to provide a continuous, flexible and efficient interaction with all customers in all stages of interference with them. Using CRM is sustained by the fact that a new client acquisition cost the company five to ten times more than retaining an existing customer. The present study seeks to identify the factors that determine building a long-term relationship on the romanian market of optometry that approaches the techniques of one-to-one, relational and direct marketing that emphasize the competitive advantage related to the consumer: performant management of the eyesight during the entire life. From this perspective, marketing is an essential tool for sustainable business growth in a competitive climate difficult to anticipate.


customer relationship management, customer loyalty, customized optical equipment, vision correction, eye health

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