Modeling Store Patronage: A Systematic Review


Modeling Store Patronage: A Systematic Review


Sutthipong Meeyai

Classification JEL

L81, M31


Marketers always search for growing in store patronage. It is important for retailers to gain better understanding of their consumers. Precise improving store attributes could affect store patronage. Modeling a consumer shopping trip behavior will gain insight into these issues. The aim of this review consists of twofold: (1) to review store attributes and situational factors that impact on store patronage and (2) to review a predictive model to determine store patronage across retail formats. To establish this systematic review, the research aim and research questions are formulated; and then the mapping of the field of the study is defined. Next, the methodology shows how to select and evaluate the papers followed by the analysis and synthesis the data. Finally, the classification of evidence is shown. The findings show different dimensions of store patronage. Consumer demographics, store attributes and different situational influences are described. Finally, modeling approaches with their criticism are presented. Two major gaps could be filled in further research. First, multi-purpose shopping trips have not been considered extensively in store patronage models. Second, store formats have not been categorized by the bi-polar including size and physical development characteristics.


store patronage, shopping trips, retail format choice, store attributes, situational factors.

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Please cite this article as: Sutthipong Meeyai (2015) Modeling Store Patronage: A Systematic Review. International Conference on Marketing and Business Development.