Absorption of European Funds in Romania During 2007-2013



Absorption of European Funds in Romania During 2007-2013


Vasile Ionel Popescu, Constantin Liviu Popescu

Classification JEL

A1, A10


This paper aims to highlight the direct link between absorption of structural funds for the period 2007-20013, and the strategic objectives of Economic and Social Cohesion Policy. Structural and Cohesion Funds related to Romania have been and will be the main financial instrument of the European Union for creating jobs and generating growth, tackling climate change and energy dependence, reducing poverty and social exclusion. Throughout this article we highlight the evolution of the Structural and Cohesion Funds absorption and the degree of reduction of economic and social disparities. Finally we will conclude on the importance of absorption of Structural Funds in the context of globalization and economic competitiveness of the EU single market.


Absorption, European Union, cohesion, convergence, competitiveness.

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