Events Marketing 4-D Research



Events Marketing 4-D Research


Daniel Moise

Classification JEL

M31, M30


In this article, there is presented a 4-D research regarding events. If a 360-degree research takes into account the direct audience at the event, the organization that ordered the event and the company that organized the event, it undertakes a 3-D research, bearing in mind that the event is seen from three different points of view. A 4-D research, implies the indirect audience of an event as well, as it may be very important for each and every one of them. At a first glance, although the indirect public does not seem to be very important for the success of an event, they must be borne in mind for further editions of the event as those from the indirect audience might turn into direct audience. In this paper, we will reveal the most profitable communication channels for this kind of audience. And consequently, those, who organize an event, should be interested not only in how to modify the behavior and the way direct audience views the organizations, but also the ways and means by which the indirect audience's behavior can be changed at the same time with the manner they value the organizations.


events marketing, 4-D research, communication channels.

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