Environmental Management



Environmental Management


Ana Vizjak, Maja Vizjak

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Market activities do not generate a variety of desirable social or public goals, such as creation of a clean environment, and governments and their public environmental management also make many mistakes and failures in their activities. Every environmental management is a scientific approach directed towards the observation of nature and society, and it is essentially an open and integral multidimensional system that covers a wide time span while observing economic activities that take place within dynamic structures linking economic, natural and social systems. The purpose of this paper is to examine the set hypotheses and determine the characteristics and importance of environmental management development in relation to public or private enterprises that has been, according to statistics, more and more abandoned because it impedes the development of the entire business sector. Scientific methods used in this paper are methods of systematic analysis, dialectical and logical method, mostly combined with inductive-deductive and deductive-inductive method. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used with methods of comparison of spatial and temporal features. Scientific contribution is manifested in the development of scientific thought about the importance of environmental management in business, but also type of resources, whether from renewable or non-renewable resources. Conclusions of this paper are reflected through the issues of designing environmental management system oriented towards classification of natural processes into certain systems that operate according to the differentiation of a specific spatial and temporal sequence to which the systems are directed. According to the basis of interdependence of environmental processes, environmental management seeks to direct human actions to the environment and the world in general.


ecology, management, enterprises, government institutions, renewable and non-renewable resources.

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