A Multi-Agent Technology Based Platform for Marketing Communication



A Multi-Agent Technology Based Platform for Marketing Communication


Radu Ioan MOGOS

Classification JEL

M31, O30, D83


One of the most significant current discussions in marketing is related to personalizing and distribution marketing information content in order to promote services and/or products that will be sent to the customers with a specific profile. In this context, is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the design process of the dedicated platforms built for composing and spreading marketing information. The entire involved communication process is also characterized by a set of specific tasks. However, a major issue with this kind of platforms is related to the identification of the clients groups (clients with similar needs), building clients’ profiles, information personalization and distribution in an efficient way, collecting a relevant feedback from the clients. The purpose of this paper is to review recent research regarding marketing communication platforms (MCP) and to propose a platform architecture for MCP using intelligent technologies in several aspects specific to this kind of platform. For the proposed architecture each module will be described and also its particularities. In the end, there is outline a conclusion set regarding the platform and its functionalities.


marketing communications platform, personalizing information, intelligent technologies, client profile.

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