Customer Engagement Behaviour in the Fashion Industry



Customer Engagement Behaviour in the Fashion Industry


Katarzyna Rupik

Classification JEL



B2C companies attempt to integrate an active consumer into their business processes. Among various concepts explaining the customers’ activity in value co-creation process, the customer engagement behavior (CEB) emerges as one of the most holistic managerial approach. Since there is the diversity in the ways customer engagement has been interpreted, the purpose of this paper is to propose the pragmatic understanding of CEB in the field of marketing discipline and offer the classification of the CEBs. The case study research method was applied to identify the CEBs in the fashion sector. Fashion has the significant contribution to the ecommerce sales and is one of the most engaging product category due to high affective customer involvement. This paper contributes to the marketing theory and practice. It extends the present knowledge on CEB, its antecedents and managerial related concepts. It also offers new CEBs classification matrix practical in the further development of the firms’ customer engaging strategies.


customer engagement behavior, value co-creation, fashion.

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Please cite this article as: Katarzyna Rupik (2015) Customer Engagement Behaviour in the Fashion Industry. International Conference on Marketing and Business Development.